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Pearson Trophy - AM Start Sheet

Saturday 13th July
Liphook, Tee - Blue
H'cap Allowance: 95%

To be eligible to enter, a player must be 35 years or over on the day of the Tournament.
In possession of a handicap index not exceeding 5.
Where the entries exceed 72 in number, there will be a ballot The Tournament
Committee may at their sole discretion exempt a maximum of 6 players from
the requirement of the ballot.

Entries close 16th June

Pearson Trophy - AM Start Sheet

Saturday 13th July 2024, Blue Tees, Liphook

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Justin Rhodes(5)  Hampton Court Palace72
2nd Sean Stevenson(4)  Farnham73
3rd Chris Powell(4)  Hindhead Golf Club73
4th Adam Reading(2)  Sand Martins74
5th stuart craigie(5)  Reigate Hill74
6th Darren Wright(-1)  Rowlands Castle Golf Club74
7th Niall O'Shea(1)  Woburn74
8th David Scott(5)  Royal Eastbourne74
9th Andy Grimwood(0)  St Neots74
10th Ben Welch(-1)  Woburn75
11th Gary Munro(2)  Pyle & Kenfig75
12th Jonathan Collier(-1)  Banstead Downs75
13th Steve Verth(1)  Royal Eastbourne75
14th Adrian Campfield(3)  Hindhead Golf Club75
15th Dougie Hunter(0)  Hindhead Golf Club76
16th David Jackson(-1)  Hadley Wood Golf Club76
17th Michael Verity(3)  Burnham Beeches76
18th Chris Maddison(4)  West Hill Golf Club76
19th Duncan Hodgson(-1)  Burhill Golf Club76
20th Richard Bush(-1)  Coventry Golf Club76
21st Nathan Holt(3)  Peterborough Milton Golf Club76
22nd Dean Plant(-3)  East Sussex National77
23rd Gregg Sutcliffe(0)  Remedy Oak77
24th David Walker(5)  Basingstoke77
25th Marc Breitkopf(1)  Royal Wimbledon Golf Club77
26th Chris Purton(0)  Cowdray Park77
27th Phillip Hodgson(2)  Rowlands Castle Golf Club78
28th Adam Morris(3)  Clandon Regis78
29th David R Smith(5)  Farnham78
30th Johnny Brewer(0)  Rye Golf Club78
31st Philip Belfield(2)  Royal Eastbourne78
32nd Mike Smith(2)  Hindhead Golf Club79
33rd Saj Hussain(5)  Maidenhead79
34th Anand Shah(5)  Lansdown79
35th Alex Tonge(-2)  Roehampton79
36th Richard Warburton(0)  Camberley Heath79
37th Mark Parker(4)  Hindhead Golf Club79
38th Paul Telfer(1)  Hockley Golf Club79
39th Ian Lane(4)  Blackmoor80
40th Mike Vivian(4)  Remedy Oak80
41st Duncan Scott(1)  Pyecombe80
42nd James Chapman(5) 80
43rd Craig Simpkin(3)  Stoneham Golf Club80
44th David Buczynskyj(5)  Blackmoor80
45th Ian Callaway(4)  Hartley Wintney81
46th George Theodore(3)  Hindhead Golf Club81
47th James Christopher Maddocks(2)  Stand81
48th Jacob Aaholm(1)  Hindhead Golf Club81
49th Neil Sharpe(2)  The Wisley Golf Club81
50th MR ALLAN THOMSON(4)  Upminster82
51st Gareth Roberts(1)  Hindhead Golf Club82
52nd Jay Barker(5)  The Inspiration82
53rd David Primrose(-2)  Hindhead Golf Club82
54th Mark Burgess(0)  Blackmoor82
55th talor reay(4)  Army Golf Club83
56th Lance Forster(1)  Basingstoke83
57th Martin Robb(4)  Blackmoor83
58th Alex Fairhall(2)  Hamptworth Golf & Country Club84
59th Matt Collings(5)  Coombe Hill84
60th Darren Wingham(4)  Hayling Golf Club84
61st Stuart Kinge(3)  Letchworth84
62nd Paul Kitching(2)  The Millbrook85
63rd Olan Barrett(0)  Fermoy Golf Club86
64th Andy Scott(4)  Wildernesse89
65th Ryan Telfer(5)  Duddingston90
66th Rob Davis(5)  Manor HouseNR

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Competition Fees:
  • £125.00 Per Member (Required On Entry)
  • £5.00 Per Member (Optional)
  • £5.00 Per Member (Optional)
Open To: Men
Current Entries: 74

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