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BMGC Agreement with LGC


Members of the Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands Golf Union

COMMITTEE NOTICE – Final Version 16th Aug 2015


This notice has been produced to ensure comprehensive understanding of all acceptable usage and our restrictions following a number of transgressions by members that have caused issues with LGC and damaged our relationship.

Any continued failings to comply with these agreements risk having them updated by LGC and may leave us with many more restrictions than we currently have in place.

Equally, any individual members choosing to ignore these agreements will not, in future, be excused or allowed to claim ignorance and by doing so will clearly be effectively demonstrating not wishing to be a supporting member of our club.  This will inevitably put their continued membership of BMGC at risk.

As such, our agreements are made up of the document published on both LGC & BMGC notice boards [See Appendix A]  (dated Feb 2014), our own Rules and Regulations booklet (also on the website) plus need to adhere to all other appropriate LGC published information such as “Dress Code” etc. and any other notices from BMGC committee.

With respect to the “usage notice” for clarification the following should be understood.

Course usage

  1. Bohunt members can play on Sunday mornings ONLY before 9.00 and after 12pm. 
  1. Bohunt members cannot play on Saturdays until after 12pm. If LGC have a competition we would not go out in the afternoon until at least 15 minutes after the last competition time.
  2. Bohunt members cannot use 10th tee to start a round at any time at weekends. Permission needed from LGC secretary prior to using 10th tee during the week..
  3. During the week we need to avoid the busy periods 10-11am Mon, Wed & Friday
  4. When playing before or after any societies/events etc. we should be clear of the tee at least 15 minutes before they start and if following should leave a clear gap to the last group.

Equally, members should refer to the LGC diary to check for societies/competitions/events etc. If any doubt then seek advise/permission from LGC secretary.

Car Park & usage of Clubhouse

  • Both of these are extremely clear and require no further clarification

BMGC Committee Aug 2015

Appendix A

This is a copy of the official current agreement in terms of usage/restrictions updated February 2014. This should be fully read and understood and if in doubt then consult a member of the committee.


1.  Use of Course

Exclusive use of the 1st tee until 0900 hours on their Sunday Competitions and on Match Days when tee reservations are given.  On Liphook Golf Club Competition days their members will not use the course until 15 minutes after the last competition tee time.  On weekday mornings and afternoons when there are Club matches or visiting societies their members will not start from the 1st tee until after the match or society have cleared the 1st hole, and on all occasions they will not use the course at “Peak Times” eg on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 1000 and 1100 hours.

2.  Car Parking

Bohunt Manor GC members are not permitted to park in the Liphook members’ car park at any time.  Bohunt Manor GC members are requested to use the Upper and Visitor car parks.

3.  Use of Clubhouse

Bohunt Manor GC members may use the facilities of Liphook Golf Club as follows:

  1.  Spikes Bar/Terrace  At all times before and after a round of golf
  2.  Dining Room   Bohunt Manor GC match days and normal Sunday Lunch days.  In addition, any special occasions only as cleared with the Secretary of Liphook GC.
  3. Lounge/Lounge Bar  As for 3. (b) above.
  4. Locker rooms   Use of toilet facilities.  The showers may be used on certain occasions with prior arrangement from the Secretary of Liphook GC.

12th March 2014  

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