Liphook Golf Club

Competition and Match Results

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Trophies/Competitions 2019


Winner(s) Runner Up(s)

January Stableford T Connolly D Strike
February Stableford
Charles Penn Colin Penn
Johnson Kennard T Beasley I Munday
Les Vale E Axten D Strike
Sanderson Cup C Turner P Bowler
Boarhunt Vase I Munday T Coluccia
April Wed Roll up K Penfold P McBrown

Trophies/Competitions 2018


Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
January Stableford A Spencer C Meech
February Stableford P Bowler Colin Penn

Sanderson Trophy 

K Penfold C Brookes
Bohunt Vase Charles Penn D Strike
Roll up (April) K Penfold P Harding
Roll up (May) Charles Penn T Connolly
Robin Oliver Trophy A Locke R Bailey
Mr & Mrs Youngs Foursomes I Brine/A Clegg C Berry/M Sterio
Kenwood Trophy I Brine Chris Penn
Championship (Gross) M Sterio D Strike
Championship (Net) - Captain's Prize C Brookes C Turner
June Roll up - 3 club A Clegg Charlie Penn
Presidents Trophy (Gross) D. Strike
Presidents Trophy (Nett) C Brookes T Connolly
Johnson Kennard Trophy I Brine C Bedford
Bogey competition C Berry P McBrown
Past Members Trophy T Connolly A Spencer
Texas Scramble R Bailey/C Turner/K Maplesden/LGC Lady Grant Jones/A Clegg/2*LGC Ladies
Aug Roll up D Strike C Turner
Millenium Trophy C Berry N Harding
Phil Gauntlett Trophy C Berry R Bailey
Les Vale Trophy A Locke R Bailey
Mr & Mrs Youngs Fourball M Sterio/Grant Jones I Brine/C Turner
Richard Futcher Trophy W Tomlins C Turner
Nov Medal C Brookes C Bedford
Nov Stableford T Nolan-King I Munday
Daily Mail Qualifier A Clegg/I Brine T Nolan-King/C Turner
Xmas Competition I Brine/Grant Jones

C Turner/P Bowler

Matches 2018

Against Date Result
Old Thornes (A)
Loss 4/2
New Zealand (A)
Win 4/2
New Zealand (H)
Win 4/2
Petersfield (H)
Win 3/2
Cowdray (H) 30th Sept
Cowdray (A)
West Sussex (H) 27th Oct
West Sussex (A) 16th Sept
Hook Heath (H)
Win 3/2
Hook Heath (A)
Loss 4/1



Event  Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
January Stableford Rich Covey P Bowler
February Stableford Charles Penn C Brookes
Johnson Kennard Trophy T Connolly R Bailey
Les Vale Trophy R Cipollone C Bedford
Sanderson Trophy A Clegg D Strike
Bohunt Vase T Connolly M Marshall
Roll up (April) K Penfold R Hardy
Roll up (May S Smyth A Spencer
Robin Oliver Trophy S Minshall P Harding
Mr & Mrs Youngs Foursomes C Bedford/T Beasley C Brookes/M Sterio
Ken Wood Trophy R Bailey I Munday
Club Championship M Sterio
Texas Scramble Colin Penn, Chris Penn, R Bailey & Mary Boyle K Marshall, J Poulter, A Spencer & Siobhan Dawson
3 Club T Connolly Colin Penn
Presidents' Trophy - Gross Chris Penn P Harding
Presidents' Trophy - Net R Hardy Colin Penn
Past Members Trophy R Covey P Harding
Roll up (Aug) P McBrown D Strike
Millenium Trophy C Brookes I Ross
Phil Gauntlett Trophy I Brine A Locke
Mr & Mrs Youngs Fourball T Beasley/A Clegg C Bedford/S Minshull
Dick Futcher D Strike P Harding
Daily Mail Foursomes I Munday/D Strike P Harding/N Land
Nov Medal P McBrown C Bedford
Nov Stableford P Bowler Charlie Penn

Matches 2017

Against Date Result
Cowdray (A)

Hook Heath (H)

New Zealand (A)
West Sussex (H)
New Zealand (H)
Hook Heath (A)
Old Thornes (H)
Petersfield (A)
Cowdray (H)

Trophies/Competitions 2016

Event Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
January Stableford I Brine C Turner
February Stableford Colin Penn D Strike
Johnson Kennard Trophy T Beasley A Spencer
Les Vale Trophy R Covey D Strike
Sanderson Cup K Marshall T Nolan-King
Bohunt Vase A Clegg P Bowler
Bohunt Roll up (April) Chris Penn Colin Penn
Robin Oliver Trophy A Locke T Connolly
Mr & Mrs Youngs Foursomes T Beasley/C Bedford E Axten/B Kingshott
Kenneth Wood Trophy R Hardy Chris Penn
Bohunt Roll up (June) D Strike P McBrown
Championship M Sterio
3 Club Charles Penn M Sterio
Presidents Trophy Chris penn C Meech
Bogey A Spencer A Clegg
Past Members Trophy T Connolly A Clegg
Texas Scramble M Sterio/J Poulter/P Bowler K Marshall/P McBrown/a Spencer
Bohunt Roll Up (Aug) C Meech K Penfold
Millenium Trophy P McBrown C Brookes
Phil Gauntlett Trophy E Axten P Harding
Mr & Mrs Youngs 4Ball R Cipollone/Chris Penn P Bowler/I Munday
Richard Futcher Trophy Chris Penn C Brookes
Daily Mail Foresomes S Minshall/A Spencer R Bailey/M Sterio
November Medal Chris Penn M Marshall
Christmas Foresomes D Strike/A Spencer M Sterio/I Brine

Matches 2016


Date Format Home/Away Result
West Sussex 24/4
Home Win
Cowdray 16/4
Away Half
Old Thorns 30/4
Away Win
Hook Heath 22/5
Home Win
New Zealand 11/6
Away Win
Hook Heath 26/6
Away Win
New Zealand 3/7
Home Win
Liphook Club 20/8

Cowdray 4/9
Home Loss
West Sussex 18/9
Away Half
Petersfield 3/9
Away Not Played


Trophy Competitions 2015

Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
Johnson Kennard Trophy J Keet M Marshall
Les Vale Trophy T Coluccia N Harding
Sanderson Cup P Bowler C Turner
Bohunt Vase S Morton M Sterio
Robin Oliver C Turner P Lambert
Mr and Mrs Young's Foursomes Chris Penn/D Wright P Bowler/R Cipolione
Ken Wood Trophy I Ross T Nolan-King
Presidents A Locke I Brine
Past Members T Nolan-King

J Boles

Millenium Trophy E Axten K Penfold
Mr & Mrs Youngs Fourball C Berry/M Sterio T Beasley/P Lambert
Phil Gauntlett Trophy Chris Penn F Ireland
Dick Futcher Trophy E Axten K Penfold

Competitions - 2015

Competition       Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
January Stableford                          T Coluccia S Leake
February Stableford C Brookes N Harding
April Roll-up T Nolan-King P McBrown
June Roll-up George Jones P Lambert
Club Championship D Strike I Brine
3 Club A Clegg P McBrown
Bogey I Munday T Nolan-King
August Roll-up D Sawyer Charles Penn
Texas Scramble C Berry, T Nola-King, Charles Penn T Coluccia, K Jackson, M Marshall
Daily Mail Foursomes C Berry/K Penfold I Munday/D Strike
Christmas Foursomes R Bailey/A Locke E Axten/T Beasley
December Stableford A Spencer Chris Penn

Matches - 2015

Against Date Format
Liphook Ladies 21/03 Mixed Greensomes
Old Thorns 12/04 Matchplay Home Loss
Hook Heath 24/05 Matchplay Home Loss
Hook Heath 23/08 Foresomes Away Loss
Fernhill 13/09 Matchplay Home Win
Fernhill 23/05 Matchplay Away Draw
New Zealand 12/07 Matchplay Home Draw
New Zealand 07/06 Matchplay Away Draw
Petersfield 28/06 Matchplay Home Win
Cowdray 17/05 Matchplay Home Draw
Cowdray 19/04 Matchplay Away Loss
Liphook GC 29/08 Matchplay

Trophy Competitions 2014

Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
Ken Wood Trophy Andrew Spencer Paul Lambert
Les Vale Trophy Neil Harding Grant Jones
Johnson Kennard Trophy Roger Banfield Grant Jones
Sanderson Trophy David Strike Shaun Leake
Robin Oliver Trophy Irby Munday Ian Brine
Bohunt Vase Trophy Roy Bailey Colin Penn
Club Champship (gross) Martin Strerio Eddy Oliver
Club Champship (net) Irby Munday
Mr & Mrs Youngs F'Somes B.Kingshott
K. Penfold
Chris Penn
K. Jackson
Mr & Mrs Youngs Youngs F'Ball B.Kingshott
Presidents Trophy (Gross) Martin Sterio
Presidents Trophy (Nett) Simon Minshall Martin Sterio
Past Members Trophy Grant Jones P.McBrown
Phil Gauntlett Trophy C. Brookes P. Wilson
Richard Futcher Trophy P McBrown Colin Penn
Millenium Trophy T.Coluccia P. Bradley
Judge Cunliffe Trophy P.McBrown D.Dryden
Challenge Cup Trophy D.Strike Chris Penn
Order Of Merit (H.C. Clarke) I. Munday D.Strike

Competitions - 2014

Competition       Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
January Stableford Peter Bowler Fred Ireland
February Stableford Chris Turner Chris Penn
April Mid Week S/F Colin Penn Andrew Clegg
May Stableford

June Mid Week S/F Phil McBrown Paul Lambert
Three Club Competition Kevin Penfold Chris Penn
Bogey Competition I. Munday
Charles Penn
Texas Scramble A.Spencer
Colin Prenn
August Stableford S.Leake R.Bailey
Daily Mail Foursomes Richard Covey
November Medal Chris Penn T.Nolan-King
December Stableford T.Coluccia P.Bowler
December Christmas F/somes D.Dryden

Matches - 2014

Against Date Format
Liphook Ladies

Old Thorns 29/3 Matchplay Away Loss
Hook Heath 4/5 Foresomes Home Won
Fernhill 2/8 Matchplay Away Won
New Zealand 13/7 Matchplay Home Lost
New Zealand 1/6 Matchplay Away Won
Fernhill 21/9 Matchplay Home Won
Hook Heath 10/8 Matchplay Away Canc.
Liphook GC 30/8 Matchplay Home Draw
Petersfield 18/10 Matchplay Away Lost
Cowdray 23/11 Matchplay Home Canc.
Cowdray 24/10 Matchplay Away Lost

County 7's 2014 Matchplay

Lost to
Barton on sea

Trophy Competitions 2013

Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
Ken Wood Trophy N.Harding M.Smith
Les Vale Trophy A.Clegg I.Munday
Johnson Kennard Trophy I.Ross I.Munday
Sanderson Trophy M.Boxall D.Strike
Robin Oliver Trophy P.Bowler Chris Penn
Bohunt Vase Trophy Charles Penn R.Southerden
Club Champship (gross) M.Sterio
Club Champship (net) Charles Penn R.McDonald
Mr & Mrs Youngs F'Somes Charles Penn
Colin Penn
Mr & Mrs Youngs Youngs F'Ball P.Bowler
Chris Penn
Charles Penn
Presidents Trophy (Gross) K.Penfold
Presidents Trophy (Nett) R.Cipolioni K.Penfold
Past Members Trophy Charles Penn K.Penfold
Phil Gauntlett Trophy F.Ireland S.Leake
Richard Futcher Trophy I.Ross A.Clegg
Millenium Trophy M.James R.Southerden
Judge Cunliffe Trophy P.McBrown S.Smyth
Challenge Cup Trophy Colin Penn D.Strike
Order Of Merit (H.C. Clarke) I.Munday P.Bowler

Competitions - 2013

Competition       Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
January Stableford               A.Spencer I.Munday
February Stableford A.Spencer P.Bowler
May Stableford Colin Penn P.Lambert
June Stableford Charles Penn George Jones
Three Club Competition K.Penfold Colin Penn
Bogey Competition P.Bowler I.Brine
Texas Scramble

R.Bailey, F.Ireland,
S.Leake, I.Robinson

C.Berry, I.Munday,
K. Penfold, Chris Penn

August Stableford A. Clegg Charles Penn
Daily Mail Foursomes I.Munday
Colin Penn
November Medal Chris Penn C.Turner
December Stableford D.Strike Colin Penn

Matches - 2013

Against Date Format


Old Thorns 07/04 Matchplay Home Loss 3-2
Hook Heath 19/05 Foresomes Home Loss 3-2
Fernhill 25/05 Matchplay Away Won
New Zealand 23/06 Matchplay Home Won 4-1
New Zealand 07/07 Matchplay Away Loss 4-1
Fernhill 21/07 Matchplay Home Won 4-1
Hook Heath 11/08 Matchplay Away Won
Liphook GC 31/08 Matchplay Home Won 10-3
Petersfield 15/09 Matchplay Home Lost 2-3
Cowdray 29/09 Matchplay Home Won
Cowdray 19/10 Matchplay Away Lost 4-1

County 7's 2013 Matchplay

Trophy Competitions 2012

Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
Les Vale Trophy I.Munday D.Strike
Johnson Kennard Trophy J.Covey C.T Penn
Sanderson Trophy R.Bailey P.Wilson
Robin Oliver Trophy R.Southerden R.Kingshott
Bohunt Vase Trophy D.Strike A.Spencer
Ken Wood Trophy B.Smith G.Jones
Club Champship (gross) M.Smith P.Lambert
Club Champship (net) K.Penfold A.Spencer
Mr & Mrs Youngs F'Somes C.T.Penn & D.Dryden M.Morton & A.Beasley
Mr & Mrs Youngs Youngs F'Ball I.Brine & A.Beasley M.Smith & F.Ireland
Presidents Trophy (Gross) C.T.Penn
Presidents Trophy (Nett) A.Beasley C.T.Penn
Bogey Competition I.Robinson I.Munday
Past Members Trophy I.Brine I.Ross
Phil Gauntlett Trophy P.Lambert A.Spencer
Millenium Trophy P.Bowler I.Munday
Judge Cunliffe Trophy G.Jones S.Morton
Challenge Cup Trophy I.Munday M.Smith
Order Of Merit (H.C. Clarke) I.Munday D.Strike

Competitions - 2012

Competition       Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
January Stableford Chris Penn
February Stableford Cancelled Cancelled
May Stableford Chris Penn Mitch Smith
June Stableford Eddie Axten Chris Penn
Three Club Competition Mark Morton Fred Ireland
Bogey Competition Ian Robinson Ian Munday
Texas Scramble C.T.Penn
August Stableford I.Munday I.Brine
Daily Mail Foursomes I.Munday
November Medal D.Strike N.Harding
December Stableford A.Spencer I.Munday
Christmas Foursomes


Chris Penn

Matches - 2012

Against Date Format
Liphook Ladies 17/03 Mixed Greens.

Old Thorns 01/04 Matchplay Away Loss
Hook Heath 20/05 Foresomes Home Win
Fernhill 26/05 Matchplay Away Draw
New Zealand 24/06 Matchplay Home Loss
New Zealand 08/07 Matchplay Away Win
Fernhill 22/07 Matchplay Home Win
Hook Heath 12/08 Matchplay Away Loss
Liphook GC 01/09 Matchplay Home Win
Cowdray 30/09 Matchplay Home Win
Petersfield 14/10 Matchplay Away Loss
Cowdray 20/10 Matchplay Away Win

County 7's 2012 Matchplay

Lost at Ryde

29th Sept

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