Liphook Golf Club

History of the Club

Bohunt Manor Golf Club was formed in 1923, the same year as the course was completed. It has shared premises and the course with Liphook Golf Club since then.

Bohunt Manor is directly affiliated to the English and Hampshire Golf Unions which makes it an independent golf club in its own right, differentiating it from the Artisans’ clubs supported by other golf clubs.

It was named after another of the large estates which fringe the golf course but mystery surrounds the choice of title. Bohunt Manor was the nearest of the big houses to the original clubhouse; it was named after Bohunt Common which in turn got its name from Bohunt Rogate Common.

Bohunt’s membership was originally limited to 50 men and 10 ladies. Membership was limited to those living within six miles of the course and largely comprised local business people and commoners who had given up their rights to the land.

The first dedicated Bohunt hut was erected before World War II alongside the Pro’s shop and workshop among the Black Huts. When the Club moved from the Links to its present location, Bohunt members dismantled the original hut and re-erected it near the temporary clubhouse. They were permitted to use the Club washroom and the Spike Bar providing they wore a jacket and tie (the same applied to Liphook members at the time). In 1974 a changing room and club room were constructed for the Bohunt alongside the Professional’s shop – it is used as a committee room and changing facility.

There is to this day a gentlemans agreement between Bohunt Manor and Liphook Golf Clubs regarding the use of golf course and clubhouse which includes the first tee being reserved for them before 9.00am on Sunday mornings as this is when they have the majority of their competitions. 

1950 lunch held at the Wheatsheaf Hotel after the first Sanderson Cup. Percy Lockyer, the first Professional, is seen at the bottom right hand corner, pipe in mouth, with his wife and daughter on either side.

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